More Software Development at LJC!

We've been developing our own bespoke customer relationship management (CRM) technology since 2007, and since then it hasn't stopped growing and changing.

Every aspect of our business is now controlled and managed using the tech which is becoming more and more valuable as the industry continues to change.

From our tablet interface for our Contracts Managers to our smartphone interface for our Sub Contractors, the system controls everything from a Quality Item on to a Finance Application to a client.

Three LJ Construction workers on a roof top in hard hats and high-visibility jackets reviewing customer relationship management software for a project on a tablet.

Most recently we have completed upgrades to the following...

  • Fire Door Inspection Module - allowing us to inspect and sign off Fire Door Installations with a picture and text audit produced for each plot.
  • Sub Contractor Quality Training Analysis - allowing us to view the most common quality items allocated to an individual, allowing us then to train and educate to eliminate the issues in future.
  • Customer Care Updates - a few minor but important efficiency tweaks to this area, including customer signature sign-off at completion of a job, SLA timelines built into the system and appointment confirmations via text for each appointment!

Whilst tech is important, it is only part of the overall service we provide. We build and use the system to support us to do the things we would do anyway; it just makes us more efficient.

Close-up view of LJ Construction customer relationship management software on a tablet.

We will continue to reinvest and innovate to ensure we can continue to meet the ever-growing demands of the industry.

If we are working on your site, and you want to know more, speak to one of our Contracts Managers who will spend some time showing you how we use the system.

Close-up view of LJ Construction customer relationship management software on a smartphone.
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